Sherman's Voice

.: Who Is Clint Sherman?

Male voice talent. I have specialized in:

  • Commercial Voice Over Work
  • Corporate Narration work
  • Media Imaging work

I have worked on projects for a number of major clients including:

  • Post & Courier (Charleston, SC)
....and many more.

Clint Sherman is the commercial promo voice for:

  • Bloodstone Studios
  • Etosha Trading
  • Chaeronea Publishing

Clint Sherman has worked in radio for many years as a:

  • Music Director
  • Program Director
  • Audio Engineer
Ice Storm
NY Subway Station
Seattle from Space Needle
Sunset Road

Clint operates his own digital voiceover studio, working for a number of clients.
"Male Voice Talent by Clint Sherman a Professional Commercial Voice Artist"
e-mail Clint or call 803.857.1043

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